Board of Directors

 Kyle Smith 

 Co-Founder, President 

 Kyle (AKA "bestape") is a core contributor at LexDAO, the International Legal Engineering guild. He founded and operates LexClinic, an apprenticeship DAO that teaches students practical skills with on-the-job aid for impact DAOs. Kyle believes that with a friendly enough legal environment, the unique coordination opportunity DAOs offer will unlock a new era of human prosperity. 

  Personal website:

 Brennan Mulligan 

 Co-Founder, Secretary

Coming from the world of early stage startups, Brennan is an experienced business leader, governance facilitator, and mechanism designer. Since entering Web3, he has leveraged his on the ground business experience to bridge the gap between on and off chain governance and develop DAO-oriented legislation. 


 Wesley Phillips 

 Co-Founder, Treasurer 

Wesley Phillips is a passionate advocate for decentralization and blockchains and their ability to provide more opportunity and liberty to individuals, regardless of their location or identity. He believes that individuals and software, not corporations or the state, will be the driving force behind the solutions that enable more decentralized structures, open protocols; markets with flexibility, inclusiveness, neutrality, trust & transparency without 3rd parties or intermediaries, transparent & liquid governance, and self-sovereignty.

Phillips has over 20 years of experience as a systems engineer and technical program manager for distributed systems, real-time communications, and service management. He has worked with the Department of Defense (JSOC), various Intelligence Community agencies, and one of the largest U.S. defense contractors. He is a former law enforcement officer and U.S. Armed Forces veteran.  Currently, Phillips serves as an officer and board member for DAO Coalition, Inc. and is a member of Lobby3 and PAC DAO. He resides in the Washington D.C. Metro area.


 Spencer Saar Cavanaugh 

 Co-Founder, Chairman 

 Spencer (AKA "Clinamenic") is on the core teams of three DAOs (Lobby3, PubDAO, and JournoDAO), and is passionate about how DAO technology can improve organizational efficiency and professional culture. 

  Personal website: 


Anett Rolikova 

 Ethereum Coalition Gatherer 

Anett has a great reputation coalition gathering as the Ethereum Magicians moderator (the forum used to discuss EVM standards RFC), her work on the wiki & working group as well as related publications. Anett's support has been invaluable to DAO Coalition, and we're grateful to learn from one of the best in the business.